How to raise smart children with your heart

The amount of guilt that the modern parent carries in striving to balance between his desire to be constantly close to his children and the ambition and necessity of survival that pushes him to stand out in his work, is easily perceived as it is part of the daily routine of the majority of employees.

The question of all, if and how can they fill the time gap that hurts the parent-child relationship, came to answer Dr. Kalogerakis’s experiential seminar. An attempt by top executives that distinguished a problem of modern society and joined forces to find solutions for a better world.

Dr. Kalogerakis gave generously emotion, knowledge and food for thought to those who attended Pallas on 5/11. He pointed out that the primordial power of self-improvement pushes man to transcend his boundaries and to create energy with a strong sense of purpose. He reminded parents that the inexhaustible love for their children is the core of their upbringing and stressed that their own “tomorrow” has not yet been discovered, but will certainly be based on more essential principles than “today” as is.

Manifest was proud sponsor of the seminar that not only gave mental strength to working parents, but the total revenue was allocated to the purpose of “All together we can”.