Indoor Plants: A Natural Remedy to Beat Air Pollution

The environment that we live in is surrounded by different types of pollution. The air we breathe isn’t pure, the water we drink is contaminated; the food we eat is adulterated. There is pollution in practically everything. Pollution is a topic of concern to the entire world; we can overcome it only if all of us take a step together.

Pollution has taken a negative toll on the environment and has left a negative effect on everything including plants, animals and human beings. Increasing carbon print day by day, due to excessive industrialization and use of commodities like vehicles and AC’s have deteriorated the climate and got the world on edge of global warming.

Unity and the desire to make the world a better place to live in once again, can surely lead us to a pollution free environment. In Athens, green management services provided by companies undertake the responsibility of carrying out green property maintenance.

Today, we would like to put light on a few indoor plants that help reduce air pollution. These houseplants have the caliber to purify and filter air, where ever they are planted. These plants undoubtedly add aesthetic value, but beyond that they are the best alternative to help you breathe pure.

To help you choose the best plants for your home or office indoors below is a list of plants you can consider.
1. Arekia – This indoor plant releases a large amount of moisture in the air and helps eliminate chemical toxins.
2. Chamaidorea – Bamboo, this plant is a significant player in eliminating chemical substances from the air.
3. Ficus Wheel – This particular flora helps eliminate formaldehyde magically from the atmosphere.It is in-fact the most recommended and important indoor plant.
4. Ivy – Not only eliminates formaldehyde, but also helps in the elimination of other toxic chemicals from the atmosphere.
5. Fern – This comes from the category of indoor plants that is capable of eliminating air pollutants. It also maintains proper humidity required by the human body.

These are a few essential things to keep in mind, when you are out choosing your next indoor plant.