Manifest is awarded by OPAP Forward

With great success and dynamic presence by the business community, the first OPAP Forward awards ceremony was held on Tuesday, June 11, 2019, where the participating companies that distinguished themselves in creating new jobs and increasing their turnover so far, were awarded.

The winning company in the category “Creating new jobs, 2017-2018” was Manifest! The CEO of the company, Mr. Dionysis Ammolochitis said:

“This award is a great honor. We are one of those who believe that everything can be done because, we are making enormous efforts every day. It is true that we are operating in a particular environment, even hostile. When in such an environment you have people, who are real friends like OPAP and Endeavor, organizations that try to help you become better, a “thank you” is not enough. Thank you very much, however, and bravo to you all, as well as the team of Manifest for the great efforts they put daily. Thank you very much”.

The special event, organized by OPAP and Endeavor, also presented the overall results achieved by the 40 companies supported by the program as well as 10 new small and medium-sized enterprises, which are now part of the dynamic team of OPAP Forward.

OPAP’s Corporate Responsibility Program for entrepreneurship “OPAP Forward” was launched in 2016, in collaboration with the international non-profit organization Endeavor, aiming to give a unique perspective to growing small and medium-sized businesses, so that through their development they create new jobs and broaden their business horizons.

Forty companies, which attended the first two cycles of the program, managed to increase their turnover to date by 21%. At the same time, they created 751 new direct jobs, while through collaborations on the market they support 5,410 new indirect jobs.