Manifest next to "Make-A-Wish" (Make-A-Wish Greece)

Manifest, with the aim of offering to the whole of society and wanting to support the realization of the dreams of young children made by Make-A-Wish, gladly offered two applications of disinfection – microbicide against the Covid-19 virus.

The CEO & General Manager, Ms. Sandra Zafeirakopoulou of “Make-A-Wish” (Make-A-Wish Greece) made us happy and filled us with emotion with her thank you letter, who said, among others: “But what happened with Manifest Services SA deserve our special thanks for the synchronization that our request for disinfection with your unplanned and excessive workload had. This is what moves us and makes us deeply grateful. Both you and your team members were direct and effective. You are also heroes behind the masks that protect human life. In our case, human lives are dedicated to realizing the dreams of the young life fighters.

Make-A-Wish (Make-A-Wish of Greece) makes wishes for children suffering from life-threatening diseases, strengthening their struggle for life with joy, strength and hope and to this date has made wishes in more than 2,500 little heroes.

Read the Thank You letter, here.