Manifest on the side of the elderly

Continuing its contribution to society as a whole, Manifest contributes strongly to the health of the elderly, as undertook the thorough disinfection of the Athens Nursing Home on Thursday, April 30, 2020. The purpose of this social offer is to ensure the health of about 150 elderly people, hosted at the Athens Nursing Home, with the application of complete disinfection – microbicide against the Covid-19 virus.

The experienced hygienists of Manifest, carried out a thorough disinfection – microbicide with the method of nebulizing cold fog, in all areas of the Athens Nursing Home, as in the beds and in the sanitary areas, as well as in all common areas.

On the occasion of this important initiative, Mr. Dionysis Ammolochitis, Founder & CEO of Manifest, said “Realizing the critical situation we are all experiencing today, Manifest has decided to stand by the side of the elderly and take this initiative to do the least to shield the health of the elderly against the Covid-19 virus. For us, the social offer, through what we know to do well, is a responsibility, which we serve with sensitivity and consistency. ”

See more in the 01/05 excerpt of the news show “Today” of the SKAI channel, where Mr. Nikos Avramidis – Deputy Mayor for Cleanliness of the Municipality of Athens, Mr. Zois Kolios – President of the Athens Nursing Home and Mr. George Farlekas – General Manager of Manifest, made statements about our social offer.

We would like to thank the Athens Nursing Home for allowing us to stand next to the elderly.