Manifest Services at the Energy Efficiency in Buildings Conference

On Tuesday, June 28, 2022, we participated, as a sponsor, at the Energy Efficiency in Buildings Conference, that took place at the Eugenides Foundation.

The Energy Services Manager of Manifest Services, Mr. Antonis Kourounis, referred in his speech to the 360 ​​o Energy Upgrade, emphasizing that the energy management of a building and a company as a whole, can be characterized as successful only when there is complete energy planning, which aims to save energy and reduce the corresponding costs, with targeted interventions and continuous monitoring.

The Energy Efficiency in Buildings Conference, organized by Boussias, is an established institution on energy safeguarding and saving, that presents innovative case studies for the optimization of Energy Efficiency in Buildings, as well as all the new trends that will constitute a milestone for the future course of sustainable constructions in Greece.

Manifest Services supports such initiatives whose goal is the exchange of expertise and views on such an important issue that concerns efficient building energy management and corporate sustainability.

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