New turnover and recruitment record for Manifest in 2018

Those who know us, they stand us out for our qualities. For dedication, hard work, the constant desire to grow and improve, the goals we put each time higher and higher. The year passed has justified us in all areas and increases the sense of responsibility we have towards our customers, associates and employees.


As we are in the data age, the quantitative results are the recommendation card for those who want to get to know us. In 2018, the Manifest turnover amounted to 10.09 million euros, from € 7.59 million in 2017, an increase of 32.9% and a 31.6% increase in the number of contracts. Equally spectacular is the increase in the number of its employees by 43.7%, which stood at 618 last year, from 430 in 2017, with a corresponding increase in its staffing capacity by 54.5%.


Under the new contracts, the Manifest course is set to rise for 2019. We will continue to work as hard and as humble as our primary goal is to remain at the top of your confidence.


We thank you very much.