Johnson & Johnson - Manifest

Johnson & Johnson

Project overview

Johnson & Johnson has been working with Manifest since 2020.

We serve the full range of Soft, Hard, Security & Catering for the overall Total Facility Management of their facilities in Greece.

Services Provided

  • Construction Services.
  • Consulting services on all issues of Facility Management.
  • Cleaning services.
  • Pest Control Services.
  • Green Maintenance Services.
  • Consumables Management Services.
  • Reception services.
  • Technical Maintenance Services (electrical, plumbing, construction, generating sets, substations, UPS, fire extinguishers, Close Control, automatic extinguishing, boilers, burners, air conditioning, etc.)
  • Physical Security Services
  • Security Systems Services.
  • Catering services (restaurant management).

Client Benefits

  • Harmonization of common solutions and procedures in all Johnson & Johnson and Janssen facilities in Greece.
  • Integration of more than 20 suppliers in three facilities, under the Manifest umbrella (Soft Services, Security Services, Hard Services & Catering Services).
  • In-house team for project management with a Facility Services Manager and a Hard Services Manager.
  • Personalization of Moralius FM Cloud Software for receiving requests from the end user and help-desk function.

Other Data

Supplier Integration: > 20

Number of Employees in project: > 30

Technical projects over the last two years > 850Κ €