How do Smart Buildings solutions help you in management of your facilities?

For most organizations, growth is a priority. The pursuit of new service lines, new customers and new areas of action motivates business leaders to move to larger office spaces, search for expanded retail locations and additional franchises. These ambitions lead every company to more daring aspirations, but there is a corresponding cost. Real estate and Facility Management alone accounts for one-third of most organizations’ annual expenses, with facility management covering 10 to 25 percent alone.

As businesses increase their sphere of influence and move to new locations, managing each of these facilities becomes increasingly difficult. Every population in these facilities has its own preferences for comfort. Creating consistency, communication and external visibility in a single installation is quite difficult.

But not for us!

The future of facility management

For those in charge of managing multiple installations, discretion is the key to controlling costs. Today, most facilities simply do not have the resources to monitor, evaluate and review their operating standards, which makes it incredibly difficult to obtain the necessary supervision. Scaling up these functions across multiple installations requires a combination of automation, monitoring, and data democratization.

Manifest’s Smart Buildings Services create more efficient and effective installations:

Basic services: Creation of intelligent energy management systems, preventive maintenance of buildings and their automation with appropriate systems for the daily management of energy consumption, water, air quality and overall data for each building.

Access control and security: Implementation of new access control solutions (access control), video recording (CCTV) and space use analysis.

Organizational Analysis: Maximize operational efficiency and productivity, especially in customer service and tenant support, with a “virtual” concierge, dynamic space design and smart space management systems.

Overall, Smart Building services help you to:

  • Increase your business agility.
  • Improve the security and management of important building data.
  • Establish a more efficient inventory management process.
  • Reduce maintenance costs.
  • Improve overall user satisfaction.

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