What are the benefits of the energy building upgrade

By energy upgrade we mean those technical solutions for energy upgrade / renovation of buildings both indoors and outdoors which result in improved living conditions and reduced consumption of energy resources.

Especially the reduction of energy costs is a central goal of all countries on a global scale, given that the largest consumption of energy resources is realized from the building stock of each country. This goal can be achieved with resources from subsidized European programs.

With energy upgrades, an energy-intensive building can even be converted into an energy-saving standard. With the right techniques, modern technologies and the advice of the energy inspector, it is possible to achieve a significant improvement in the energy efficiency of a building. Most of the energy a building consumes is due to its cooling-heating needs.

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The term “Energy Upgrade” basically means all the actions that must be done in a building in order to be shielded against the losses it has. With an energy upgrade, a building becomes as energy intensive as possible and its cooling and heating costs are significantly reduced.

The energy upgrade is achieved through energy interventions resulting from the energy study of the building. The most important interventions concern:

• External thermal insulation of masonry.
• Replacement of windows and glass.
• Replacement or installation of a new high-efficiency cooling-heating system.
• Thermal insulation – roof waterproofing – pilot.
• Mechanical ventilation system with energy recovery.
• Use of renewable energy technologies, such as solar thermal systems, photovoltaic systems, geothermal heat pumps.
• LED lighting.

The benefits of energy upgrading are manifold and are summarized below:

• Improving the indoor climate and quality of life.
• Reduction of the needs and maintenance costs of the building.
• Increase in the value of the property.
• Protection of the environment and climate change.
• Lower operating costs (electricity – fuel bills).
• Improving comfort, safety and health conditions.
• Substantial money savings.

By upgrading energy, we promote our quality of life and improve our income. Energy upgrading, whether funded or funded by a private initiative, means only immediate benefits.

Author: Mr. Konstantinos Koutsompinas – Business Development Manager at Manifest Services SA

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