What is Integrated Facility Management

No matter the industry, most businesses require Facility Management (FM) in some capacity.  In some organizations, FM requires a whole team of specialized professionals.  In other companies, it may only be one or two people tasked with managing facility matters – and they may not even have any work experience in handling facilities.

Those who manage facilities handle a wide variety of tasks that keep work environments functioning.  These tasks fall in a number of different categories, some of which are completely unrelated to one another.  From HVAC to coffee & beverage services, and building security to going green – all of these tasks require large scope of skills from the people that oversee these projects and functions.

All of these tasks can put an unnecessary burden on employees, especially those who only manage facility matters as just one part of their regular workload.  This is where Integrated Facility Management (IFM) comes in.

What is Integrated Facility Management?

Integrated Facility Management (IFM) is a method of consolidating all of your business’s facility services and functions under one outsourced team of experts.  This streamlines communication and decision-making between business leaders and facility managers to increase the efficiency of your building(s) and make day-to-day operations much simpler.

What are the goals of IFM?

Integrated Facility Management (IFM) is aimed at a slew of goals that help make your business better:

  • creating comfortable, inviting spaces where professionals and customers want to be
  • meeting government and industry regulations and standards
  • safeguarding the quality and maintenance of your systems and equipment, protecting them as investments
  • ensuring the safety of your workers
  • boosting productivity of employees and the facility itself


What are the benefits of IFM?

Streamline operations – packaging all of your facility services together under one contracted team of experts saves you time, energy, and money.

Focus on your business – a team of IFM experts takes all the worry out of Facility Management for you, letting you focus on the parts of your job that keep your business going.

Save money – retaining a team of facilities experts on full-time staff is costly, especially in large companies.  Outsourcing facility management to a contracted team reduces overhead for payroll and benefits significantly.


Do you want to apply IFM to your business?

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