3 tips to ensure a healthy and safe work environment

The state of emergency we have been experiencing over the last year has shown that maintaining good health overshadows any human activity.

In a short period of time, we were called to manage and take Personal Protection measures, health measures for our work environment and obviously extended corresponding measures at state / national level and worldwide.


But how do we ensure a healthier office workplace, given that we consume more than 1/3 of our day there?


It is important to aim for 3 key guidelines:

1.Professional cleaning and maintenance of the premises.

2. Integration of technology and simplification of spaces.

3. Observance of Personal Protection Measures.


1.It is imperative that we must pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of workplaces, but also to dealing with emergencies, such as pandemic. Disinfection of critical points repeatedly:


⋅ Extensive daily cleaning of bathrooms and offices,

⋅ Frequent maintenance of air conditioning elements,

⋅ Quality and adequate professional cleaning equipment,

⋅ Regular monitoring, electronic recording, and monitoring of installation status (e.g., Moralius Cloud Software by Manifest) is the mix of services that responds to the new health data.


Manifest, being the first company nationwide with the Certification Scheme Covid Shield, applies the appropriate process mechanism to reduce the risk of transmission of the virus to its staff and clients by ensuring their health, as well as a cleaner workplace and Business Continuity.

2. Limit the surfaces that employees touch with their hands, using the technology:

⋅  Install motion sensors and devices, for example, for automatic opening of office lights, or in hand towels, cream soap, disinfectant, faucet, trash can equipment,

⋅  Your workplace should maximize video conferencing capability and desktop interface via Bluetooth,

⋅  Invest in simpler office furniture made from new materials and free up surfaces from supposedly useful items or stacks of documents. Facilitates and simplifies the cleaning application always to your advantage.

3. All the above are half measures, if the Personal Protection Measures that have a direct impact on the working environment are not observed:

⋅  The order and respect of office space and sanitary facilities,

⋅  Job distances or office dividers,

⋅  Adequate ventilation of the premises,

⋅  It is an individual responsibility to use the mask correctly,

⋅  Frequent hand washing and use of disinfectant liquids that should be available in your area.


Generally, be careful to take precautions. Support the creation of a sense of security in the workplace, see positively any effort in this direction and not as a restrictive move or obligation only of other professionals.

In conclusion it is certain that there is not a perfect method that will fully ensure sterilization in the workplace, but the professional conscience and responsibility, the experience and specialization that frame the actions for a cleaner and healthier work environment.

Author: Mr. Vasilis Tsatsarounos – Facility Services Coordinator at Manifest Services SA

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