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AntiCovid-19 Proactive Safety Measures (PSM) Program

Having collected data from the responsible bodies regarding the return of your employees in the workplace, we have created – along with our scientific partners – a three-level complete solution, the AntiCovid-19 Proactive Safety Measures (PSM) Program.

The program’s goal is to ensure the health, safety and productivity of your employees after they return to the workplace.

The program applies certain protective measures, aiming to avoid the spread of Covid-19 coronavirus in workplaces and a specific reopening protocol for any place that had a suspected or confirmed case.

As a first step, before reopening the workplace, either after a temporary suspension or after a confirmed case, is a thorough disinfection application in every area of the premises. This application aims to create a fully sterilized area, in which your employees will be able to return immediately and continue their work with safety.

As a next step, we propose a graded application program of protective measures, which starts from level Red, continues with a slightly less mild protective measures application, level Orange, and results in the last level, Green.

The transition from one level to the next is determined by the spread of the virus. Below you may find the specific protective measures per-application level: