Which personality qualities match the excellent service of a Facility Management company?

Ingenuity, Speed, Passion.

Features that are essential to many different jobs and environments. However, in Facility Management companies, these qualities come to become necessary.


First, let’s give a brief interpretation of Facility Management, as it is a relatively new sector in the Greek market, although the need has always been there. As Facility Management we define the management of an installation and its needs. A Facility Management company, aims to serve each client, offering services related to its installation, facilitating his daily life, and creating a favorable and functional environment.

Delivery of cleaning services, green management services, security, catering services are a part of the range of services that a Facility Management company can deliver.

Thus, it is understood that ingenuity is essential, as demand varies by collaboration and by period. As an example, I will bring the innovative move of Manifest Services to immediately create a complete solution in three levels, the AntiCovid-19 Proactive Safety Measures (PSM) Program, but also to develop a Covid Shield management system based on the relevant private certification scheme that was first occupied nationwide. With another ingenious move, Manifest becomes an ideal provider for services that aim to ensure public health.

In a fast paced, constantly evolving environment such as the Facility Management industry, a personality that thinks and acts quickly can certainly function, evolve, and contribute significantly to the progress of the whole.

Developments in this industry are continuous. The requirements of the partners are continuous. The solutions, then, must be immediate and effective and the team members as proactive as possible.

Passion is the magical and rare ingredient that can launch the performance of the individual and the whole in general. Important soft skill, essential for innovation environments, such as a company in the Facility Management industry. This is how I learned, this is how I adapted, and this is how I walk as a member of Manifest family.

If you have one of the above and you want to develop it, constantly learning, you can know the field of Facility Management. The basis is always the people, their skills, and the willingness of a “smart” company to invest in them.

« Hiring is the most important people-function you have, and most of us aren’t as good at it as we think. Refocusing your resources on hiring better will have a higher return than almost any training program you can develop. » – Laszlo Bock, Autor of “Work Rules”

Author: Ms. Ioanna Ntakoumi – HR Support at Manifest Services SA

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